Respect My Game

The Kitchener-Waterloo Umpires Association has embraced a new program developed by Softball Ontario which is designed to help to eliminate abusive behaviour from the game of Softball. The new resource, the "Respect My Game" Card, is designed to be included in your Plate Conferences prior to each game.

The purpose of the Respect My Game initiative is to educate all stakeholders in softball, creating awareness of abuse and of negative behaviour while building mutual respect among participants - including fellow Umpires, Coaches, Players and Parents. To be effective, the Respect My Game Card is read at the Plate Conference prior to each and every game we officiate - regardless of the level of play.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Umpires Association membership fully endorses the Respect My Game initiative and plan to include the reading of the card as part of all our Plate Conferences. To help spread the word about the Respect My Game Program, Softball Ontario will also be promoting the initiative at all levels of the game through innovative promotional initiatives.

Andrew Clark
KWUA President

Steph Sutton
Softball Ontario Umpire Program Coordinator

Respect My Game Card

Softball Ontario Umpires are a part of the game we all enjoy.

We expect all participants to demonstrate courtesy and respect at all times.

Every person here deserves to be treated with dignity.

This will be the guiding principle of conduct in this game.


Introductory Letter

Respect My Game Card

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